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31 May 2020
Owing to coronavirus we are unable to print or distribute the Parish Magazine - but we are very happy to make it available digitally for you to view online. Included in June's issue: VE Day anniversary, the Dinosaur returns, join Mayfield Funathon, Scavenger hunt and more.

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Updates - Advance Articles and Extra Content

During the coronavirus crisis when we are all social distancing and staying at home, we will be posting the occasional articles online before they normally appear in the next parish magazine both here, and for loads of colour photos, in our new Colour Supplement. Don't forget also to view the Mayfield Twitter feed for updates there.

Still in Lockdown in the Garden, by Joyce Beeson - 14 April 2020
In My Garden and in Lockdown, by Joyce Beeson - 6 April 2020

Lockdown Letter 8, What are you reading, War and Peace or The Famous 5 by Stephen Dunn - 24th April 2020
Lockdown Letter 7, Fitness - Getting Ready for Tokyo by Charles Wimbush - 24th April 2020
Lockdown Letter 6, Walking Mayfield, Exploring the Churchyard by Phil and Maggie Cook - 18 April 2020
Lockdown Letter 5, Technology Trials- In more ways than one! by Mary Dunn - 18 April 2020
Lockdown Letter 4, Three Jobs in one Household by Sandra Terry - 11 April 2020
Lockdown Letter 3, Home Schooling by Deena Balderson - 11 April 2020
Lockdown Letter 2, The Joys of Shopping by Charles Wimbush - 6 April 2020
Lockdown Letter 1, Excercise or "Borize" by Stephen Dunn - 3 April 2020

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About the Parish Magazine

Called the Mayfield Church and Village News, the parish magazine is edited by Stephen Dunn and Joyce Beeson. The quality of photographs is excellent and the content reflects village life with some pithy articles, but no authors taking themselves too seriously.

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Thank you for such an informative magazine! Well done in getting it online!! Have caught up with Charles’s shopping and Joyce’s garden!!! Thanks
Margaret Balderson, 7 April 2020

Thank you so much for putting the magazine on line. I always enjoy reading it. Keep up the great work!
Carolyn Fryer, 27 March 2020

Thank you for putting the magazine on line
Jean Leeds, 27 March 2020